Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Valve Gets Trigger Happy With "The Bird"

I've noticed a trend lately: Valve has been giving the proverbial finger to several different people.  Thing is, they can get away with it.  And none of it was overtly rude.  Just a little tip of the hat and a muttered, "We can do it all.  And no one is the boss of us."

Evidence of said trend:
  • Steam to introduce digital game trade ins (as if GameStop wasn't struggling enough, especially with the recent possibility that law will prohibit the resale of used physical games.)
  • MannConomy Team Fortress 2 Update (So many updates providing free content to your players.  Why.  Why! OH GOD, WHY?!!!  You've nullified everything I've worked for, all those hours of patiently waiting for drops as I hone my skills.  In addition, there are now stat-changing load outs that players are very unlikely to get without shelling out $20 (per) or $50 for the whole kit and kaboodle.  The goddamn game itself costs $20 now.  So not down.)
  • Valve bringing Steamworks to PS3 and drops L4D prices massively (but only on the PC) (Here, Microsoft, check out my middle finger.  How does it look?  Like it knows what it's doing?  Like it won't be subjected to your Xbox Live market standards?)
  • DotA 2 Announced (Riot Games, you made a good game based on the popular mod DotA called League of Legends.  Now, we're going to do it better.  And with more features.)
  • Alien Swarm released, surprise free game! (We're very truly sorry, Team17, that you just released Alien Breed: Impact, which is effectively the same game, about a month earlier.  We're doing it for free.  Oh, and giving the community the SDK.)
Don't get me wrong.  I love Valve and think they do amazing work, not to mention the way that they have transformed PC gaming (and distribution of indie games).  But they sure aren't shy.  And nothing will keep them from doing what they want, nor doing it with style and authority.


  1. Fuck paying high prices for DLC and fuck XBOX in general (Sure, I'd love to invest in a piece of equipment with a 50% failure rate). GG Valve.

  2. Agreed on all accounts! I didn't mean to seem like I was chiding them. The last two points make me shake my head slightly and chuckle knowingly. The first point: 'Is there anything they won't do for their users?!' And, as for Microsoft, well, my only reaction is a quote from Nelson (The Simpsons): 'HA! HA!'

  3. My 360 works fine, except it's easily twice as loud as my desktop, and often keeps me up at night until the fans finally spin down.

    You forgot one thing: Valve giving TF2 players the finger by introducing the MannCo store(Sorry players, now people can buy all the stuff you have been saving up for months to craft. And your 'unique' hats? Not any more, sucker).