Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Introducing Our First 3D Laser Romance Comic!

Resident Laser Romance illustrator, Scott, has penned his first 3D comic. 3D comic you say?! What manner of sorcery is this? To answer your hypothetical question, it's a normal comic that Scott casts spells on. If you're crazy / awesome enough to have 3D glasses sitting near your computer, throw them on for ink that reaches out and slaps you around (and calls you Susan).

Hit the jump for the comic!

Scott handpaints each of these comics with watercolors or draws them with Prismacolor markers, and then has them scanned post-completion. The 3D effect was added in digitally. If you like his unique style, check out his hilarious George W. Bush approved book, (no, really!) on called "101 Dumb Dog Deaths" and swing by his deviant art page at

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  1. Is it really in 3d? I no has glasses.