Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Epic Reveal: Fortnite

Epic Games have released a trailer to a game they are currently developing called Fortnite. Just like it says above in those incredibly shanty letters. Explore, scavenge, gather supplies, build and fortify your base by day. Cower in the shadows of your base and wait until morning as the zombies come out - by night. Nobody is really sure what to expect just yet, but the idea seems like a solid one even if it isn't tremendously novel.

I'm partial to exploration games, also various types of defense games, so maybe there is something here. This could provide the twist on typical post-apocalyptic games that we all need. A lot of people seem to be making the Minecraft + Team Fortress 2 comparison, and while this might be visually accurate, it's realistically far too early to make any judgments about the gameplay.

There are no announcements as to what platforms this will be released on, but I can only hope PC.

Check out the Brink-color-paletted trailer below.

Check out the Fortnite page and Twitter.

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