Thursday, December 15, 2011

FTL: The Space Alert of Video Games

I am so excited that I am using three exclamation marks!!!!

I added one, because that's how excited I am. Why? Because of this game.

According to its website, "FTL (Faster Than Light) is a spaceship simulation rogue-like game. To survive hostile environments and enemies, you need to balance power between systems, manage your crew, and upgrade the ship."

This reminds me of the dearest, most prized of all my board games: Space Alert.

Space Alert is a real-time spaceship survival board game. It is one of the most stressful, hilarious, challenging games I have ever played and always gives rise to cooperative screamathons with your buddies. If you've never played it and have a group of open-minded friends to try it with, do everyone a favor and pick it up.

Now that I'm done being a commercial I want to make the inevitable comparison between what I've seen and know of FTL, and Space Alert. It's not a direct comparison, such as, "FTL is Space Alert!" or "You guys are ripping off Space Alert!", but instead more of the sentiment that FTL looks like the quieter, indie, digitized sibling of a terrific board game. This is a good thing - perhaps a great thing. If you have been lucky enough to ever play Space Alert, then you are likely seeing the beautiful similarities already: real-time, roguelike, spaceship, impossible odds, crew and energy management, so on and so forth. That's why I know this game will work.

Never did I realize how brilliantly Space Alert could translate into a PC game, but now I get it. I didn't even realize that I wanted this game until I knew it existed. And now it's a dream (that I just had) come true.

No more talking - hit the jump for the trailer!

FTL - Pre-Alpha Teaser from Justin Ma on Vimeo.

And if you haven't already, check out Graham Smith's short preview of his time with the pre-alpha build over at PC Gamer.

I can safely say that FTL is a game I will be keeping tabs on until the release next summer. It's going to be priced somewhere between $5 and $10, so keep an eye on things by checking their website and twitter.

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  1. Cool. I hunger for games like this. Anyone played Escape Velocity?