Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Games Journalism At It's Finest: The Elder Strolls

Look guys, I'll keep this short and sweet. I have enjoyed this so much that I have to get it out. I have a moral obligation to release this into the wild and to share the good word that is Livington. So here goes.

Christopher Livingston over at PC Gamer has come up with something so brilliant that I await each new installment more than any game in current news. It's so incredibly laugh out loud funny that my leg, and my wife's leg, and the legs of any bystanders that are nearby when I read The Elder Strolls, ache from slapping. I slap legs when I'm laughing. I'm from the South.

Livingston has set out to play Skyrim in the most unheroic way he can: by becoming an NPC. The pivotal, mutton-bearded fool who takes center stage is a lad named Nordrick. It is he who drives this unique, simple and clever journey forward.

As comical as it all is (and do trust me that it is) Nordrick's pathetic and misguided life makes us feel better about our own sometimes mundane, boring lives. We laugh at him, we empathize for him, we feel his pain and his fears. But we're glad it's him and not us. And yet perhaps there is more to learn from Nordrick than any of the muscle-rippled, magic-wielding heroes that most players create in Skyrim. His offbeat approach to adventure also tends to unconsciously and humorously highlight the problems in modern sandbox worlds. Nordrick reveals to us what happens when you challenge the notion of how a game is supposed to be played. The result is one more extraordinary, puzzling and hysterical day in the meager, curious and ordinary existence of Nordrick. The ultimate everyman adventure.

Is there metaphorical value in The Elder Strolls? I'm sure of it. But to be perfectly honest, I'm laughing so hard that it's impossible to care. Do yourself a favor and read Christopher's Nordrick's story right now. The Elder Strolls is currently up to Part 7 and counting.


  1. It read like an English comedy. If you haven't read the last ones, they are hilarious! Poor Nordick, so pathetic and yet lovable.

  2. I think I misted up a little while laughing myself into a hysterical peeing session