Click here for The Laser Romance Store

This is nonprofit. All items are priced at the lowest allowable level by CafePress. Our priority is getting merchandise out to those who want it. There's no markup and no profit for us. If you're crazy enough to want to donate some money to our cause itself: let us know.

So far, it's a store composed entirely of old logos on mugs. I guess that works for us, but we're flexible. Make some suggestions! If you want a different color or a different item, just say so. Seriously, do it--shoot us a quick email describing what item and artwork you want. We can do almost anything in Cafepress' inventory. Lord knows we're not doing anything better. True story.

Smaller Mug (Purple)

The Laser Romance Mug!

Larger Mug (Orange):

The Large Rounded Abra-Mug-Lasereyes Mug