Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gamer Eye Candy #2

The next micro roundup of game-related fan artwork is here and your eyes are beggy mcbeggersons for their sweet, sweet colors. Stop it. Stop not looking at these pictures and click through the jump.

Tech Notes: Remotely Control Your Home PC

Did the latest greatest game release at noon?  Are you stuck at work and can't start the download?  Here's how to connect to your home PC and start that game downloading the minute it releases.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Just Cause 2 Deathmap Is A Bit Poetic

Jim Blackhurst works at Square Enix and, in his own words, "...manage the metrics system and create data and visualisations that the business uses to make better games. All the data we collect is anonymous. "

Using data from Just Cause 2, Jim mapped 11 million player impact events (deaths), meaning object collisions like a plane hitting a skyscraper or a player falling to their death.

His work started out looking like this early point cloud render...

And ended up looking like this:

I know there's a lot of flying and parachuting and falling in Just Cause 2, but I am impressed. However, I'm not sure why there are so many points in midair. I haven't played it, so could it be birds? Meteors? Aliens? Other planes? Maybe one of you can enlighten me.

[Via Kill Screen]

Meet The Medic Released, TF2 Free-To-Play

That's right, Valve's next to last "Meet The" video is out, and it's my favorite one yet. This video comes on the coattails of the Uber Update, which introduced a handful of new weapons, all available in the game's Mann. Co. Store and by random drops. Also Team Fortress 2 is now free-to-play. Wait...what? Well get back to that. First, the video.

Now that we know ribs grow back, hit the jump for more on Team Fortress 2's new free-to-play model.

Monday, June 20, 2011

New Comic - Bribes

Click for full size

Scott handpaints each of these comics with watercolor. If you like his unique style, check out his hilarious George W. Bush approved book, (no, really!) on Amazon.com called "101 Dumb Dog Deaths" and swing by his deviant art page at http://bluescott1000.deviantart.com/.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

InMomentum Moves Me

InMomentum is to feature character customization

Every proper kid has played "The floor is lava", or as I knew it, "Keep off the ground", at some point in their formative years. But Digital Arrow's upcoming UDK based game, InMomentum, is sort of like that mixed with a bit of parkour, a minimalistic and surreal science fiction setting and an uncanny ability to jump ten stories like an X-Man. Did you folks play Mirror's Edge? While it might seem obvious to compare the two, it would certainly be a mistake. Digital Arrow understands that movement is what made Mirror's Edge a good game, not combat. Stripping away everything but the essentials of movement, InMomentum is all about running, vaulting, bouncing, learning from your mistakes until you nail the "perfect" run, beating your last time, and in the case of the upcoming multiplayer beta, finishing before your opponent.

And while the art style could be compared to the Mirror's Edge DLC, I would venture to say it's much more than that. They've created an entire world with slick, brightly colored textures and I'm eager to explore that space. As nonsensical as floating, randomly placed blocks and towers are, it manages to invoke feelings of child-like wonder. Like some great and all powerful being created the world out of space-legos. And these space-legos are gorgeous. It's a sharp, streamlined gamespace and I have an idea that inspiration was drawn from a myriad of sources. I'm seeing a hint of Mirror's Edge, sure. But I'm also seeing Marble Madness, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Monkey Ball, Warsow and maybe even a hint Kreedz Climbing Mod for Half-Life 2. Who knows. It all seems to come together and it's obvious that Digital Arrow has a clear vision of their surreal, jumpy world, and are constructing it with taste and style.

Hit the jump for more information and some in-game footage.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

E3 Gameplay Videos Roundup

Got some time to kill? Like video games? Want to see some actual in-game footage of upcoming games? Me too. Let's watch these together. On three, hit the jump. One... two... VIDYA GAMES!

Rhyme of the Day - E3 Screens of Aliens: Colonial Marines

SITREP: Not much to report on here Sarge, aside from how incredibly slick these screenshots look. Slick and wet. The xenomorphs, that is.

Xenomorphs on the move. I count four, five? Lots of boney nastiness in there anyway.

Aliens taught us that the only way to battle a Queen is to do so in a powerloader!

Is that Wierzbowski? Game over man, game over. And before he got to fire a single shot.

E3 Trailer Roundup 2

More trailers below the hop.

E3 Trailer Roundup 1

E3. It's happening now in LA. Let's face it, you're here for the trailers. And I am here to deliver. Put on your trailering hat and hit the jump for E3 videogame trailers galore.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Arcade Woes Pt. 5

Click for full size

If you like what you see, please check out Scott's hilarious book on Amazon.com called "101 Dumb Dog Deaths". And swing by his new deviant art page at http://bluescott1000.deviantart.com/.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Valet Parking 1989 is a real game with an unreal dev diary

This video has been making the rounds today, and it is just too good not to bring to your attention. Valet Parking 1989 is a DSiWare game by Swedish developer Zordix, and, well...

It's hard for me to pick a favorite part of this uncomfortable little gem, but if pressed I would narrowly give it to the second guy's sheepish attempts to explain the premise of the game, the core gameplay of which is "driving cars...in parking lots."

The game itself seems to be a top-down driving game where you are racing to park cars as quickly as possible against an ever-mounting queue of customers, a la Tapper or Diner Dash.

Also, its official tagline is "Ignite the Dream." "The Dream" being, of course, working a soul-crushing minimum-wage job for coked-up assholes, set against the backdrop of the totally rad late '80s.

Valet Parking 1989 is available now on a DSi near you for 500 points. If you know what good things are, you should probably grab it.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Battlefield 3 Ain't Got Shit On Pikkotekk

You've all heard of Battlefield 3, EA's upcoming military shooter that hopes to give Call of Duty a run for its money. Small wonder, considering the resounding success EA's last military shooter enjoyed in that respect, right? Then again, the target audience is slightly different from Call of Duty's. The Battlefield franchise has long been focused on large-scale games played on the PC. The next iteration promises battles with up to 64 players. Sounding pretty good right about now, eh? Get a load of this: Pikkotekk, a Swedish network technology company, is currently embarking on a project to get 1000 players in the same FPS game, with each player able to shoot each of the others. Now that's a battle. Don't get me wrong, Battlefield 3 looks pretty damn good and it features aircraft (including jets!) and destructible environments. Pikkotekk's project is more about technical achievement in networking than making a AAA video game with all that jazz. Still, it's got tanks pitted against robots. A thousand of them. I feel like that can't possibly be a bad thing. The team is still working on it, their efforts eventually culminating in a world record attempt to get 1000 players in the same game. Hit the jump for a hilarious quote, some more details, and the trailer for the one-time world record attempt event.

A Terrified Boy's Dream Come True - Aliens: Colonial Marines


Okay, okay. I apologize. I've gathered myself. It's time to calm down, be mature and form sentences like an adult. I. Will. Try.

I love Gearbox. They take myths, legends and long forgotten game ideas scrawled onto napkins and magically transmute them into real, tangible products. Think Duke Nukem. And now, Aliens: Colonial Marines. It started as a PS2 game that was supposed to come out in 2001, but got canceled. Then Gearbox claimed to be working on it in 2006. I've checked their website for probably four or five years now, and it's been the same, hopeless, abandoned project screenshots and writeup the entire time. Until now! This game has been a daydream of mine for many moons.

Gearbox, please, just take all the money I've ever made and will ever make.

Hit the jump for the rest of my jubilant ranting, as well as a list of game features and a slick teaser trailer.

Project Zomboid Alpha Preview

These are end times
There was no hope of survival
This is how you died

That is how The Indie Stone's game, Project Zomboid greets you before you play the game.

Immediately you are aware of the melancholy nature of the music, the bleak reds and blacks of the introduction screen, and the isolation of the silhouette on the right. Despite how colorful and cartoonish screenshots have been in the past, know that Project Zomboid takes itself seriously. It's based more on the tone and ideas of zombie films and zombie literature, such as World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide, rather than action-based zombie videogames.

I did a short writeup on Project Zomboid before I had played it, but now I've got some things to say about my experience as a balding, middle-aged man whose wife is bleeding to death. Hit the jump to find out what happened.